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Circuit Innovations provides a number of key functions in the design and development of electronic products, software and printed circuit boards. We are able to assist you in all aspects of design, taking your original idea and developing it into a commercially viable product. Our designs utilise the latest in technology including Microcontrollers, single and double-sided PCB designs and surface mount technology down to 0603 size.

Our kits and products have covered many aspects of electronics including display signs, clocks, timers and stopwatches, power supplies, countdown timers, counters, home security, guitar effects accessories, temperature control, remote control and motorsports equipment. We have also provided several devices for use as film props for major film companies such as Warner Bros. and Pinewood Studios in films such as The Dark Knight, The Numbers Station and Spectre. We even blew up Jeremy Clarkson!

We are also able to assist you with your own designs and can design a complete circuit or prototype product from your original specification or idea. We can also use our design experience to suggest improvements to your existing designs in terms of product design, ease of manufacturing and cost savings, as well as indicating any potential safety hazards or possible reliability issues. We can also provide low volume assembly and testing.

For further details on our products and services, please visit the relevant pages using the menu to the left or follow some of the links below:

Digital Clocks, Counters and Timers Motorsports, Quickshifters, Rally Timers, Stopwatches Kits, Oscillators, Timers, Regulators, Thermostats
Digital Clocks, counters and Timers Motorsports, Quickshifters, Rally Timers, Stopwatches Kits, Oscillators, Timers, Regulators, Thermostats
Latest News and Products
DC1RS Digital Rally Clock Timer


DC1RS Digital Rally Timer

The DC1RS is an updated version of our very popular DC1F rally clock. It features the same great reliability and durability but with the addition of a display brightness control and power backup so that the clock can keep running even when the power is turned off.

WiFi and Bluetooth Audio Streamer

Plug this device into a spare channel on your audio system and stream your music collection wirelessly, using your phone or tablet as a remote control. Compatible with Apple and Android systems and many wifi radio channels and Amazon Music.

DC1SM Studio Clock

Inspired by Dr. Chris Smith, The Naked Scientist, with his home-made studio clock. This is our version of the popular clock with hours and minutes display and a ticking seconds display around the edge.


Covid-19 Update

There is major disruption in the electronic component supply chain with many components on extremely long delivery times. Fortunately, we are fairly well stocked and have a wide network of suppliers, so component shortages will be reduced to a minimum. Products may vary slightly in their appearance due to alternative items being used.

Component prices, and ultimately final product prices, may fluctuate due to supply and demand.















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