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Our design service covers every aspect of electronics design from the initial concept through to the final product. We can take your idea and design a high quality single or double-sided PCB incorporating any design features or layouts that you may require such as controls being laid out in a certain pattern or alignment, or the PCB shape designed to fit inside a particular enclosure.

We can also design circuits and write software for PIC microcontrollers which often reduces the number of components in a design and gives the added benefit of design changes or updates simply being a change in software rather than a complete redesign of the circuit and PCB.

We can also provide a manufacturing service for when your prototype design takes off and becomes a popular product! Our prototype PCBs are produced for us on a low-cost, fast turn around system. For larger manufacturing quantities we use competitively priced suppliers based in China, Europe and the UK. Lead times can be adjusted based on delivery time and the price the customer wishes to pay.

Circuit design


The Idea  You may have an idea for a product or simply a gadget for around the house but you need someone with the technical knowledge to turn this idea into reality. We can take your idea and design a circuit schematic to start off the design process. 



The Schematic  Provide us with the schematic diagram for a circuit and we can design a suitable printed circuit board for you including any particular requirements or constraints on the size and shape of the PCB.


PCBThe PCB  From your schematic diagram we can design and build a suitable printed circuit board, either single or double-sided and then assemble and test the completed circuit.


If you would like to obtain a quotation for a design, please send us some details in an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.