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Kits and Products > Digital Clocks and Timers


Circuit Innovations designs and builds a wide range of clocks and timers with different sizes and displays to suit your requirements. We have also extended our range of rally and motorsports timers.

We can also make custom designs based on any of our products. Please contact us with your requirements.

DC1F Digital ClockDC1F Digital Clock

Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Digit Height: 25mm HH:MM, 14mm SS

Overall Dimensions 165 x 71 x 25mm

DC3 Digital ClockDC3 Digital Clock

Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Digit Height: 57mm HH:MM:SS

Overall Dimensions 385 x 115 x 50mm

DC4 Digital ClockDC4 Digital Clock

Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Digit Height: 100mm HH:MM

Overall Dimensions 450 x 200 x 50mm


DC1SW Digital StopwatchDC1SW Digital Stopwatch

Minutes, Seconds and Hundredths

Digit Height: 25mm MM:SS, 14mm hh, Remote Start / Stop keypad

Overall Dimensions 165 x 71 x 25mm

DTM2 Countdown Timer ModuleDTM2 Countdown Timer Module

Hours, Minutes and Seconds

Digit Height: 14mm MM:SS

PCB Dimensions 105 x 73mm

DC1SM Studio Clock

Circular clock with Hours and Minutes display in the centre. Seconds displayed around the perimeter.

Overall Dimensions 190 Diameter x 35mm

Custom Builds

We've listed a few of our custom builds below to help give you an idea of what we can do.

Please drop us an email if you have a design project in mind.

Giant Countdown Timer

An extra large timer for a shop window, used to count down the number of days to the launch of an event. Digits are approx. 200mm. high.

Giant Countdown Timer

Time and Temperature Clock

A clock which alternates between displaying the time and temperature. Switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Time and Temperature ClockTime and Temperature Clock

<Time and Temperature Clock

Stopwatch Circuit

A digital stopwatch circuit for counting long periods of time. Display shows hours, minutes and seconds.


Scoreboard for Quiz Show

A twin scoreboard and controller for keeping the scores of two teams.

Scoreboard for TV Quiz Show