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Circuit Innovations designs and builds a wide range of bespoke items. We can make custom designs for just about any application. Take a look at the examples below.

Tool Cal

 Steady Hand Game

Steady Hand Game with timer built by Circuit Innovations

F! Wheel Change Challenge

Wheel Change Challenge


Left: F1 Wheel Change Challenge. Race against your opponent to find who's the fastest at an F1 pit stop.


Right: Another wheel change challenge.


Timers designed and built by Circuit Innovations.


Scrolling Underwater Message Display

Para Tech Coating UK Ltd.

This was an unusual appplication for a scrolling message display for Para Tech Coating UK Ltd.

The design brief was to make a simple scrolling LED display on a single PCB. The PCB was then treated using a Parylene coating to make it fully waterproof.

The circuit was then immersed in a fish tank as part of a promotional display showing the effectiveness of the coating method.


Note: Please don't try this with your Goldfish at home!