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Motorsports > FlatShifter


We are the designers and manufacturers of the electronic controllers for FlatShifter gearshift systems. Many years ago we were approached by the owner of FlatShifter who had an idea for a new quickshifter system for racing bikes.

The prototype FlatShifter


He had built a prototype using various bits that he had to hand in order to try out the concept, but the idea needed to be reduced in size and turned into a viable product. We designed the prototype circuit and sent it to FlatShifter for evaluation.





Since then, the design and features of FlatShifter have evolved to become one of the most robust and reliable quickshifters on the market. The design features a patented downshift system, combined with a reliable upshift system featuring soft power application in order to minimise shock-loading on the transmission and sudden loss of traction.

The design also enables disabled riders to be able to take to the road again without having to worry about being able to operate a manual clutch.