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Kits and Products > Twin Voltage Comparator Circuit


Twin Voltage Comparator CircuitA pair of simple voltage comparator circuits on one PCB which can be set up to work as two independent circuits or as a combined 'window' comparator.

Handy for use as a simple thermostat, light activated switch or level detector.

Supplied with a pair of temperature sensors and a pair of light sensors to get you started.

Each circuit consists of a simple voltage comparator circuit with a screw terminal input for a sensor of your choice. The circuit has an adjustable multi-turn pot to set the trip point at which the relay switches over. A jumper link selects whether the relay turns on above the threshold voltage or whether the relay turns off at the threshold voltage.

Each circuit operates independently, apart from a shared 12v supply.

The relays are rated to switch mains voltages at currents up to 5A. PCB track thicknesses, clearances and screw terminals are designed for these levels.





  Adjustable trip point 5A 240v ac rated relay outputs
  12v dc operation LED indication of relay operation
  Normally on or normally off jumper selection LED 12v power indicator
  Relay normally open and normally closed terminal connections  

Supplied with full instructions, circuit description and examples


Price / Ordering Information Order Code Price  Cart
 Twin Voltage Comparator Circuit (pair of light sensors and temperature sensors included) COMP1 £34.95
 Additional Light Sensors (Pack of 2) LDR1 £4.95 
 Additional Temperature Sensors (Pack of 2) THM1 £4.95 
 All prices include UK postage and packing. Please contact us for overseas shipping prices

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